‘Hit Her with the Skates’ will debut in Chicago with ‘American Idol’ stars — a new musical hoping for Broadway

November 03, 2019

“Hit Her with the Skates,” which has a cast of 10 and six live musicians, has been in development for at least five years; its ability to secure a Broadway theater likely will depend on how it performs in Chicago. [The playwright, Christine] Rea who once toured the country in “Jesus Christ Superstar," said that she intends to try and cast the show with Chicago-based performers and then, she said, “run the show for as long as Chicago will have us.”

Westfield Leader Review

May 17, 2017

"Ten actors take on multiple roles. They and the five musicians effortlessly breathe life into this fun, new work." 

-Susan Myrill Dougherty 

Broadway World Review

May 22, 2017

"The new musical, Hit Her with the Skates, is thrilling audiences from the first minute to the last. It is everything a musical should be with a fascinating story, inventive staging, an excellent score, and a top-notch cast. This show is having its pre-New York developmental production at Hamilton Stage (UCPAC, Rahway) through Saturday, May 27th. Get your tickets now for this rock and roller-skating good time."

-Marina Kennedy

New Theory Magazine Review

May 24, 2017

"Hit Her With The Skates has both the talent and passion of any Broadway musical. There is no doubt that this play will reach Broadway if their creators choose to do so."

-Tom La Vecchia

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